Sunday, October 23, 2011

Producers: Are you actively pitching your beats to Artists?

I just read an article about a songwriter detailing a few of the different ways he’s pitching his songs to artists in his hometown. A couple of things that stood out.

1. He had no problem spending money to get his music heard. He mentioned pitching to listings he gets through a paid tip sheet and how that works and also the fact that he’s hired a professional song pitcher to get him access he couldn’t get by himself.  Most times you hear about how you should never pay to get your music heard or pitched. I won’t tell you that there aren’t scams out there. I’ve been got and know people who have been got just like me.

My point. Spend money wisely on PROVEN opportunities. If the site or service sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ALSO, a site shouldn’t have to be over the top with 50 celebs all over the site to pull you in if they’re offering real value. Look for testimonials and verifiable credits.

2. This guy was not sitting at home writing songs and waiting for the checks to hit the box (like most part time musicians). He was actively out playing his music and had albums for sale in iTunes, Amazon, etc. Also, he had an active blog that was connecting him with other people in his songwriting community. Basically, this guy was keeping it moving. He was writing new songs and getting them out there with or without a label.

Now I don’t know if this guy has ever had a major credit of not. But he is handling his business in an inspirational way.

There are a lot of producers that make beats – and let them sit on their hard drive. Never taking their business seriously. If you are in the BUSINESS of making beats, shouldn’t you be actively pitching those beats to artists any way you can?

It’s one word people: Grind.

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