Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kutt Calhoun shouts out to me on Twitter

I'm telling you is the shit! Although, I was upset to hear Kutt wasn't gonna be on the Hostile Takeover tour.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beta Invite To An Innovation Company: MixCover

mixCover’s sole aim is to make products and services which help artists create and distribute music online! mixCover is a London based company in the heart of the UK tech scene. The music industry has changed leaps and bounds in recent years. Artists from their bedrooms can now record high quality tracks and upload them to the Internet and become overnight sensations! Although there are many mediums for music consumption there is a lack of products and tools which help to get music to them. They have actually experienced countless nights trying many sites but everyone lacked something. This is our calling.

Currently mixCover is working in partnership with the major record labels and a number of large independent labels to create a service which allows artists to legally create and distribute covers of copyrighted music for free. By using mixCover they will take care of all the licensing issues such as the mechanical and publishing licenses!
Press Contact:
Hussan Choudhry, CEO

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bekay Followed Me On Twitter!!!

A few hours later I made interaction! I dont know if its cause he heard the remix or just if cause I found him on Facebook! Pretty dope nonetheless! 

Be sure to follow him: BEKAY

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skatterman & U-GOD (Wu Tang) Retweet Me!

I use a site called and it's very effective for the twitter users who use "lists" in twitter. I have quite a few lists if you follow me and want a shout out be sure to be clear what your station is in life and I'll list you as well!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don Cornelius Death-- Considered Suicide?

"Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius has died of a gunshot wound to the head at age 75 in Los Angeles, California.  Police found the bloody body of Don Cornelius inside his Sherman Oaks mansion in the 12000 block of Mulholland Drive.  "The death was reported as a suicide," said L.A. coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter, though it is unknown why Cornelius would have killed himself.

Don Cornelius died with two life insurance policies worth a small fortune.  Cornelius' AIG Sunamerica policy states that, if the policyholder took his own life TWO YEARS after taking out the insurance, his beneficiary will be paid in a cash lump sum.

Today's alleged "suicide" took place two years plus a few extra days after the life insurance policies were signed, making many fans believe that Don Cornelius was murdered.  Many of us are saddened and simply speechless.  Cornelius had two children but, oddly, the ex-wife (who put him in jail on felony charges after pepper-spraying him) is the sole beneficiary on his life insurance policies.

Don Cornelius' ex-wife since 2009, Victoria Avila aka Viktoria Chapman aka Viktoria Cornelius, will now be a much wealthier Russian model.