Friday, May 26, 2006

For Once Depression Sets In....

Well so I walked into this crazy relationship, knowing that things would never be normal and so it happens I have a awful week I chased people off my property with an unloaded gun-- simply cause they threatened me with a gun they had in their car. These people were uninvited to my property and were disrespecting me. Then I was so drunk off beer and shots of rum that I was sharing with my childhood friend whom we both finally reconciled after a falling out we had like 6 years ago. but I guess in my rage I yelled at my now ex-girlfriend... (which I don't remember.) 

 Not using alcohol as an excuse for what I did, but its a strong factor so not with this guilt riding my mind me and her had a fight like the second night we were together cause I was making some strong passes -- which lead me to sleeping on the couch and saying fuck you to my girlfriend... Yes I am retarded and I was also shit-faced-- then another night my roomates were fighting an it just triggered something in me so I punched the shit out my bedroom door... (I am retarded!) I haven't cared for someone like this in forever and my brain is driving me absolutely insane.... 

Then the day of my bands show (Ashes Of Another) she like avoids/ breaks up with me cause I guess I scare her... Oh and to add to it all the reason why im a broke piece of shit is cause my dad was hitting my mom for months then he decides to call her bitch/cunt/slut whatever so I knock the shit out of him- an lose my job.... what an awesome year-- oh an on top of that I lost my apartment.... FUCK 2006

Saturday, February 11, 2006

How To Build A Home Studio On A Budget

Today I'll be telling you what you need to set up a home studio on a budget.  We'll start off with the computer. You can either go with a laptop or standard, most people should have one already. Next you'll need a sound card, you can go either external for laptop or internal for desktop, both are very cheap these days. I would recommend you go to They carry good quality equipment at a good price.

Next well look at microphones. Now you can get a standard stage mic, everyone goes with the Shure SM58 (my first mic was a Shure Sm78) for that. Should be around $100.00. If you can afford one or two more, it is really worth it to get whats called a 'condenser' microphone, all the major studios have one. That will improve your sound dramatically!
Now if you want to make beats, I would also recommend going to m-audio and getting whats called a midi keyboard. You can get one for a couple hundred, then link it with a program like Pro-Tools and trigger sounds that way.

Now for recording software. Of course you've heard everyone and their homies has Pro-Tools. They now have an Mbox you can get for a few hundred. Pro-Tools is so cheap now. I would highly recommend that. (Even though I personally have used Adobe Audition since it was Cool Edit 96!)

You can build up how you want as your budget allows from this point, such as monitors, a better keyboard like a Triton or XP, an MPC is also a must, mix board and turntable(s)...

You REALLY can set up a good sounding studio for under $500.

So get your music career started, what are you waiting for!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2006

MOS BLIND & LBS collab with ThRob UGLY on "Still Run Dis Bitch"

By this time LBS. was already in the ARMY and came in for Christmas vacation-- while MOS BLIND and I recorded to this beat. I still have the notebook with MOS BLIND's part he wrote himself as well as another verse that I've never used (yet!)  As for LBS. he recorded his part to Timbaland's "Put You On The Game" I just used my magic to make it fit over this Dipset instrumental and used the his overdubs for the "hook" I kinda rushed this one! You also hear MOS BLIND's 'Chyeah' throughout the track paying homage to Dipset! 

Monday, January 2, 2006

Sinister Intentions (Horrorcore) - ✔ Anno Domini Approved! ✔

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ad84: that's one grimey beat! dope melody