Thursday, July 11, 2002

Buy Love Rage Comedy's "Destruction Of Scully" album!


Many of you online may not be familiar with Love Rage Comedy-- we were a band based out of Steubenville, OH and we had originally over a million listens on before they shut it down. Then as they reopened all the hard work of uploading our material on there (over 20 albums.) We are forced to start all over! We are currently debating playing out here in Los Angeles. We would like to try to build a fan base so we can prove to the clubs we will be trying to play we can draw a crowd! 

The tracklist remains the same although a few samples had to be excluded but it does not infringe upon the songs quality! Its just anyone who knows this album knows it opened up with "The Pumpkin King" from "A Nightmare Before Christmas."  But I'm sure we'd of been sued, so I had to cut it. So here's the tracklist: 

01. Kevin's Gate: Leo
02. Kevin's Gate: Pisces
03. The Sky Opened Up
04. Phantom Ears
05. Beloved II
06. Ringside
07. Techno Kitty
08. Life Fixed On A Thursday
09. Funkmassa
10. Baby's Ambition
11. Breech Of Contract
12. Twisted Demon Of The South
13. Never Ending Funeral


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Thanks goes out to everyone,
from Landon & Rob.