Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MUSICIANS: Learn How To Get A Million YouTube Views

Lots of people have videos on Youtube that reach a million views, but getting a million views based on musical talent is rare. It is important to showcase your musical talent in the videos because that's what you are promoting. There are a handful of Youtube Stars that understand this principle and continuously get millions of views on their Youtube channels. Here's how you can do it.


Find creative ways to showcase your music. Do something that is so awesome that people have to show their friends. There are some really cheap video editing programs that do special effects. Experiment with a green screen and see what cool ideas you can come up with.


Don't post one video and get mad when it doesn't hit a million views in the first week. The most popular Youtube Stars post videos on a regular basis. You really don't know which video will go viral so just post quality videos and build your fan base.


Ever wonder how these Youtube Stars views are so high on all of their videos? Its because after fans discover their Youtube channel, they watch multiple videos. If the videos have similarities, they watch another video. Soon, they've watched all the videos on the channel. Have a central theme to your videos. Consider covering popular bands' songs or accepting musical challenges from your viewers.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Promote your videos on social networks to get people to watch your videos. This is not limited to the internet. Make sure all your friends and family watch the videos you post. Youtube also has several built-in features that allow you to promote your videos to other Youtubers.


If all else fails, you could approach a Youtube Star that is already established and sponsor a future video of theirs. This does not necessarily mean pay money either. Try writing a song for them or send them some of your music and merchandise to give away.


Contact people that you admire on Youtube by sending them a message. Introduce yourself and tell them what you like about their videos. By befriending other Youtubers, you can learn more tips for success. You could even collaborate some time down the line to cross promote each other's Youtube channels. Don't be afraid to reach out to top level Youtube Stars for advice.


There are a lot of undiscovered musicians getting millions of views on Youtube. Don't be discouraged if your great content does not get a lot of views at first. Once more and more people discover your channel your views will eventually increase.

Remember, you are aiming to get millions of views to gain millions of fans. Don't chase the record labels and major corporations. Make them come to you. Once you build your audience, they will approach you to work with them to expose their brands to your fan base.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To Make Your Soundclick Pop!

1) Secure your domain name and point it to your Soundclick example:

2) Get your page designed and make sure you try to push leases more than selling exclusive rights. Just think 10 beats times $20 a lease that's $200 easy money.

3) Create Youtube videos and market your channel and link everything back to your Soundclick page.

Master the art of SEO which is (search engine optimization) The greatest marketing tool on the planet. Thats how these guys do it. SEO lets you choose a keyword to market like beats so you will come up the top of google. That simple. Buy beats is googled 7.5 million times per day you do the math.

DO NOT buy or promote what Soundclick offers you it's a scam, learn SEO and you can bypass it.

If you need any help with SEO or Youtube promotion contact I'll be glad to help.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Third "ThRob UGLY" album questions

So its come up time and time again, Rob wheres the new album?  You've had a 5 year hiatus!  I know-- I have done a few tracks that are scattered around.  I have a immerse selections of beats that I, with a few had some help from my close friend Landon Reidy.  Although, I feel just a bit inadequate about some of them-- its almost as if I want someone else to step in with a different style.  Not that anything we've made isnt that fresh-- Its just the ones that Landon and I do together will probably appear on the next Love, Rage, & Comedy album.  Not to mention I'd like to get LBS. on at least one on my next disc. Not to forget a couple of other MC's I know.  I won't throw out any names, but if you are reading this msg me personally!!! So the quicker these collabos come the quicker i get 3 out...  Oh and if you don't know the title its because I haven't told you for a reason!!! 
ThRob Ugly

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ThRob UGLY records "Lemme See Ya Work Dat"

I had drove all the way to Washington state to see my grandparents for Christmas because of two reasons: 1. My grandfather is 76 and doesn't alot of time left! (I haven't seen him since I was 17.) 2. I knew Emma's mother wasn't going to let me see her.  

So I trekked across the U.S. in a van with my father my Aunt Vicki and her youngest son. We stayed until New Years Eve and decided to make the haul back to Ohio! I had dropped him off in Youngstown and when I returned to the house I had the urge to record! I hadn't done a track since "Still Run Dis Bitch" with LBS. & Mos Blind in 2006.

I arrived in Ohio around 3A.M. dropped off my aunt around 5A.M. dropped off my Dad around 7A.M. got home recorded, edited took first draft to my homie Brendan Seditz (Seven40Studios / Last House On The Left Productions) around noon then stopped back in Steubenville to let my friend Ashley Heckathorn hear the track.

Lemme See Ya Work Dat by ThRob UGLY