Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chase Carter collabo track "Closer To Real"

Another member of Artist In Need I met on Facebook, that day the moderator of the page was asking who all was collabing with one another I quickly jumped out and said I willing to put in work (Chase was one of the first cats to hit me up after One Beyond.)  He's also working on another one of my beats that should be released sometime soon! So keep your ears open for that one! Be sure to visit his Reverbnation.


Chase Carter - Closer to Real (Prod. By TEKNODROME) FREE DOWNLOAD by TEKNODROME

Friday, April 15, 2011

Indaba Music's Saigon - Bring Me Down Remix "TEKNODROME REMIX"

I saw Phur Cat and Silent Stepchild (my homies from back in Steubenville.) talking about a remix on Indaba a site I forgot about since the contest I entered the year before! (see: Gone Hollywood) So I decided to enter it cause the prize would have REALLY helped! So I restructured an older track I had made called "Alien Abduction." I had to match the tempo with the vocals and move some of the instrumentation. I changed alot of the one shots as well and made it have a grittier feel like the vocals were. I had hoped and promoted the crap out of it on twitter and facebook and made it to 85th place! Out of 396! WOOOO!!! Oh well it was fun-- and i made it a FREE DOWNLOAD!