Saturday, May 8, 2010

How To Pick A Subject Or Topic To Rap Or Write About

Write a Rap About

Rapping is an art form that a lot people can learn but only a few have mastered. Those that have mastered it have made a good living off of it and have learned how to pick a subject to rap about with relative ease. To pick a subject or top to rap or write about can be easy or it can be difficult depending on how hard you make it. There are an infinite number of things around you for you to write a rap about. You can write a rap about people, a rap about money, a rap about cars, or a rap about anything else. If you are stumped and don't know what to write about then think about the things that interest you. What are your favorite things to do? What is your favorite sport? Whats your favorite car? Your favorite song? There's things that I do to get ideas for a rap song and to brainstorm for songs to write about. One thing that I do that is fun is I will listen to
my favorite rap song and sing along to the lyrics. But what makes it fun and helpful in picking something to write about is I will substitute some of my own funny words in place of the real lyrics to the song. For instance if the song says "I love to get money everyday and every night", I would change the lyrics to "I love to be funny and wear my pants tight." This adds a funny and fun twist to the song and it allows me to brainstorm and get ideas at the same time. Now I know how to write a rap song. Or now I have gotten some ideas of what to rap about.

Look around you for rap subjects

Another way to find a subject to rap about is to look around you. Are you at home, at someone's house, or at work. Any of these places can give you ideas of what to write about. If you are at home then look around the room that you are in. What was the last thing you used in that room? You can rap about that thing you last used. What about the person's house that you are at? Is there someone else there of the opposite x that you find attractive? That can be a good idea for a love rap. You can rap about how that person makes you feel every time you see them. Think about LL Cool J. song "I Need Love." Love raps are a huge part of the rap industry songs today. So you cant go wrong with one of those type of songs. What about work? Are you at work on a break thinking up raps? Think about the a person at work that you may not care much for. Maybe it's a supervisor or boss that is too pushy and assertive. You could write a rap about how you feel about that person. And let's not forget the person at work that is always in your business and not in their own and seems like they would love to get you fired. You could probably think up about 10 raps in a day about that type of person. There are infinite subjects and situations to write about.