Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AbandonLandon & Count Juicy collab with ThRob UGLY on "I'm Gud @ Maf"

AbandonLandon & I were listening to new beats I had made recently-- and we were heavily listening to The Lonely Island's cd so we heard this beat and started chanting 'Im Good At Math'-- so the more we chanted it after Count Juicy (we were drinking heavily) showed up we decided this is how its gonna be spelled! We recorded this track from midnight till about 6 in the morning and layed down a REALLY rough cut-- then took a few days and AbandonLandon mastered it-- although his mix was REALLY quiet I've since adjusted all the levels and made a shitty video! haha. Enjoy.

I'm Gud @ Maf FT AbandonLandon & COUNT JUICY by ThRob UGLY

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