Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was an extra in ULTIMATE SPIKE GIRL 2009

Kind of a funny day. Got there about 8 A.M. and stood in line outside for maybe an hour maybe an hour and a half. Thats where I met Micheal Knight (A producer friend)! So then they put us strategically in places and actually make us kinda travel to a certain point and then we're left to act like actual bar patrons. But, they wanted us constantly to MOVE! I probably got tapped by producers every other 10 mins while they were filming either sit with people or look like were conversing! By the ending of filming a few of us that were closer to Stacy Keibler got to meet her. I also got like $88! Later Michael an I went to WINK down on Hollywood Blvd to have a few drinks and b.s. --pretty good day if ya ask me. Oh and I told ya dad I'd be on tv within being here in 3 years-- did it in 3 months!!! 

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