Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ThRob UGLY records "Lemme See Ya Work Dat"

I had drove all the way to Washington state to see my grandparents for Christmas because of two reasons: 1. My grandfather is 76 and doesn't alot of time left! (I haven't seen him since I was 17.) 2. I knew Emma's mother wasn't going to let me see her.  

So I trekked across the U.S. in a van with my father my Aunt Vicki and her youngest son. We stayed until New Years Eve and decided to make the haul back to Ohio! I had dropped him off in Youngstown and when I returned to the house I had the urge to record! I hadn't done a track since "Still Run Dis Bitch" with LBS. & Mos Blind in 2006.

I arrived in Ohio around 3A.M. dropped off my aunt around 5A.M. dropped off my Dad around 7A.M. got home recorded, edited took first draft to my homie Brendan Seditz (Seven40Studios / Last House On The Left Productions) around noon then stopped back in Steubenville to let my friend Ashley Heckathorn hear the track.

Lemme See Ya Work Dat by ThRob UGLY

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