Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vitiate & Anonamix - "The Killers" ft. Lo Key [cuts by TMB]

Vitiate & Anonamix - The Killers ft. Lo Key (prod. yours truly) [cuts by TMB] is here! Lead single for the Youth In Asia EP! Support and listen, spread it around, and get ready for an amazing EP! To find about the artists keep reading!


Record Label: Goldminded Records
General Manager: Fiswat

LO KEYSince 1999, Lo Key has released over 13 solo albums and 12 group albums including the widely popular "MISSION : INFECT" which he also created in 2004.  Over the span of 12 years, he has performed over 350 shows in 26 states across America. In addition, Lo Key has toured nationally with Psychopathic Records in 2006 to an overwhelming fan reaction.

TMBfrom South West London, United Kingdom. He started out collecting Hip hop vinyl records in 1985 and began fooling around with turntables and learned how to scratch and mix and bust tricks. As Turntablism evolved he watched and learned from his idols like Cash Money and Qbert. He is the founder and creator of the U.K. underground Hip hop group The Region of Kings. He has more recently collaborated with artists such as Swann, La Dog, RipShop, LCOB,Trilian, Edd Bundy, Terror Mob, Godilla, Motion, Grindhouse Gang and more. Now he is a part of the Redphone Records Family... watch him now!!!

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