Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fly Jay Collabo "Flyest Jay" Third Collabo Track FREE DOWNLOAD

Hails from Youngstown, OH. The first and second time we collabed was while I was in Love Rage Comedy. The first track was titled "Evil All Over" (vocals under Sirius Thots) then the second was "Children's Dub" which was an instrumental he produced (under The Woody Wood Sound) with AbandonLandon on guitars and then with myself laying down a heavy bassline. As well as James Suggs on trumpet. 

Anyways, fast forward to 2010. I had found Jay's page and sent him an email-- a few months went by and all a sudden hes on Facebook. We politic and share sounds again. The he comes up with the idea to do a producer / emcee album "Reality Rap TV" like in the Golden Era of hip hop with the desire to have an almost underground style I was sold! So we went through the catalog and picked some tracks to achieve this sound. So please be sure to show Fly Jay some support and follow him on Twitter, "Like" his Facebook Page, all that good stuff! Oh and this songs a FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

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