Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Twitter has been hacked and stolen!

As I rounded up on 15,000 followers I made the mistake of using a follower site I had never seen and used it twice cause it malfunctioned- and I wanted to be sure. Well sure enough I try to check my account from my phone and it keeps rejecting me. So I try online- nothing. I open my @ThRob_UGLY account and do a search for #followaninja a has tag I created-- and found my account with a new name! When I searched the crew that my account was now promoting I started putting them on blast so I responded with this:

They retaliated with this: 

Now I'm no elite hacker but I know my way around the internet, I can figure out things-- like who owns sites that their tweeting that I used just a few days before that 'didnt work' such as:

And to add insult to injury my girlfriend reported him to Federal Government for Phishing across statelines (FEDERAL OFFENSE) and his site to BBB-- which I continually keep issuing as he tries to ignore it! Heres more proof he did it:

then steals @TEKNODROME this i.p. is in ATL -- I checked!

So you mean to say this account was made the same day as mine? haha

As you can see thats my reply with a different name!!!

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