Friday, April 15, 2011

Indaba Music's Saigon - Bring Me Down Remix "TEKNODROME REMIX"

I saw Phur Cat and Silent Stepchild (my homies from back in Steubenville.) talking about a remix on Indaba a site I forgot about since the contest I entered the year before! (see: Gone Hollywood) So I decided to enter it cause the prize would have REALLY helped! So I restructured an older track I had made called "Alien Abduction." I had to match the tempo with the vocals and move some of the instrumentation. I changed alot of the one shots as well and made it have a grittier feel like the vocals were. I had hoped and promoted the crap out of it on twitter and facebook and made it to 85th place! Out of 396! WOOOO!!! Oh well it was fun-- and i made it a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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