Friday, November 13, 2009

Got To Meet Adrien Grenier At The Troubadour

I had gone with my girlfriend to see his band  The Honey Brothers. I had no idea from watching Entourage that he was really in a band. Let alone the drummer! But we were sitting in the bar-- I had just told the bartender what a Caribou Lou was (still one of my favorite drinks)! Then me girlfriends face kinda goes blank and she whispers turn around... and guess who's standing RIGHT beside me!!!  It was kinda surreal meeting him- not to mention he's almost as tall as me. (I had always figured him to be short!) Anyways as everyone else realized he was in the bar it filled up with all the ho-bots trying to be that lucky groupie! Then 5 minutes later his lady friend steps in and they retreat back upstairs where the bands hang out!

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