Thursday, December 16, 1999

We became LRC a.k.a. @LoveRageComedy

Notice the 7-String Guitar!
So I may have mentioned Landon & I were jamming pretty heavily with Brandon "Fluff" Baker (a.k.a. King Of Stupity) & James Burkett (Drums) and well they wanted to take the band to a heavy sound and Landon & I weren't feelin it. 

Artwork: Landon Reidy & Rob Clark
So we started making tunes on our pc's with a program Fluff gave us called Cool Edit 96. We have "Mix Paste" everything in layers, but its fairly simple I wish it had multi-track like studios have! but we make due! We're working on our first album "A Trip Through A New Dawn" Its very techno-ish as were using loops we found on the web!
So we are no longer part of Point Blank, Thurteen, Project X, or whatever name we are this week! We are LRC! I still personally dug Guitarded-- but as a favor to Kevin --I won't steal his name. I'll still jam & play bass with Chelsea Clegg Jr. though! 

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