Monday, June 27, 2011

My review of @SatiliteRok1 's "Rise Of The Underrdogg"

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10 tracks from the get go, Im skeptical cause I'm used to 20 tracks but then I thought no fillers sweet! So I get through as I'm changing brakes on a Ford Taurus, Im listening through my phone and headphones-- my IPOD had issues...

Anyways, people kept coming out asking me questions so I pop out my headphones and play it on the phones speakers, still sounds incredibly polished!!! What also impressed me about the mixtape was that most of the tracks were produced by SatiliteRok & or other in house associates of Hazmat.

The track that stood out the most to me was the led zeppelin sampled "Love Is A Drug" simply just an ingenius way to incorporate such an epic sample! The song's lyrics pull you in as Rok flows-- if you were to compare him to any industry artist hed be up there with B.O.B. & Lupe Fiasco (which Im fan of both).
Later after the second playing as I was fighting rotors off the second vehicle I was working on my girlfriend came out to hold the flashlight for me as it was getting dark. She had asked me if it was either of the two artist's I listed earlier! I chuckled and told her it was the cat I had been talking to online via FB, TWITTER & whatnot.

As far a producer's stand point this mixtape was completely on point, as it completely rides into the brand that Rok's been working on. All the vocals were crisp locked in exactly where they were supposed to be. I didnt hear a sour note by anyone-- I can tell Hazmat and Rok been working on this mixtape. All in all this will be a staple in my playlist for the summer, can't wait for videos to support the tracks!

You can download the whole album yourself right here! 

Rise Of The UnderDogg by SatiliteRok

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kasuwell - Make It Rain Ft. The Gramzz & K-Major (Prod. by TEKNODROME / @UGLYBEATS )

Collabos at their best!
This started out as a collabo between Kasuwell and two other rappers on the facebook group Artist In Need, a month or two went by and I contacted the three and they had agreed for me to tak the hook out. A few more weeks went by and Kasuwell was the only one of the three to respond back- He had recorded his verse and linked up with Gramzz and K-Major then hit me back with the finished track! 

Kasuwell - Make It Rain On Em Ft Gramz, K Major (prod. by TEKNODROME) by TEKNODROME

Monday, June 13, 2011


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It was exciting to receive all the free swag (I'm using the word correctly!) I got so much Strange goodies it's crazy! What you didn't get to see in the pictures is I talked to Travis O"Guin as well tried hinting around. Figured all in due time anyways!