Saturday, January 15, 2011

Story about instrumental "Chop 101"

So the story behind this beat is: I joined Rocbattle thinking I was pretty hot stuff (last December 2010) and I jumped right into battling. I never realized that my weird style wasn't what these other producers wanting to hear. Lets just say for the first few battles I had my ass handed to me! Especially by members I'm now a leader of!  I had noticed that Aveeon was mashing heads on this site and tried to "mimic" his style with this track which some samples I chopped short enough to not notice what they were-- this was to be used against him in a friendly crew battle-- But sure enough we got sucked into a crew battle with I cant even remember the crew-- but I used this beat and won for Legion Of Tunez!

Friday, January 7, 2011

3 year wait for ThRob UGLY's "Am I Really Here"

Fresh TEKNODROME / UGLY BEATS instrumental made this morning, and I thought to myself screw it, I'm gonna record... even its just a crummy $10 mic. Thats what made me, the DIY attitude. Its a little rough as I hurried it along. When I get a chance I WILL re-record it.