Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Third "ThRob UGLY" album questions

So its come up time and time again, Rob wheres the new album?  You've had a 5 year hiatus!  I know-- I have done a few tracks that are scattered around.  I have a immerse selections of beats that I, with a few had some help from my close friend Landon Reidy.  Although, I feel just a bit inadequate about some of them-- its almost as if I want someone else to step in with a different style.  Not that anything we've made isnt that fresh-- Its just the ones that Landon and I do together will probably appear on the next Love, Rage, & Comedy album.  Not to mention I'd like to get LBS. on at least one on my next disc. Not to forget a couple of other MC's I know.  I won't throw out any names, but if you are reading this msg me personally!!! So the quicker these collabos come the quicker i get 3 out...  Oh and if you don't know the title its because I haven't told you for a reason!!! 
ThRob Ugly