Monday, March 15, 2010

ThRob UGLY's first album Skelator (Re-Released)!!!

So I found the original mp3s of my self-produced and self-engineered solo album "Skelator" and restored the original intended skits for the release. Please remember I was a 23 year old  battle rapper! Who recorded with nothing but Cool Edit Pro 2.0 a computer mic and alot of heart. So yes, I produced my own album-- it's not the greatest either, I lived at home with my parents during recording! So its a little sloppy. But it's part of my history! So I re-released it for the die-hard fans who lost the burnt copies I made for them! I also re-did the artwork for the album! Its being released by Mailbomb Records. Since I don't consider myself a career rapper, more just a producer that likes to vent every once awhile I never bothered getting it all on Itunes. Not until I actually record a real third album! Let alone I'd like to retrieve more of my "lost" tracks!

01 Going Somewhere (4:05)
02 Sum Mufuckin' Raw Shit Ft LBS. (4:17)
03 Im The M.C. (Skit) (0:09)
04 Rent A Rob Ft AbandonLandon (5:59)
05 Boiler Room Rants (4:06)
06 You're Not You're Fuckin' Khakis Ft AbandonLandon (2:55)
07 Ruthless (3:38)
08 Doja Ft MR. UGLY (3:32)
09 Home (4:17)
10 No Love Ft AbandonLandon (3:03)
11 Former Self (5:49)
12 Genuine Freestyles Ft AbandonLandon (3:33)
13 Nicknames (1:15)
14 Thoughts... (Interlude) (0:21)
15 Envy (5:16)
16 The UGLY Life Ft MR. UGLY (4:18)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My old bandmate AbandonLandon made a Twitter?

This guy is gonna plague Twitter with his madness? Seriously? You all know he just went crazy after we officially ended Love Rage Comedy. And has made a consistent amount of comedic albums which border on insane and hilarious. Definitely have to have a sense of humor to endure this madman's rants see them at: @AbandonLandon